This page is to be used for ideas that are not ready for the To Be Done page. This way they can be collected and reviewed so they don't die or get forgotten.

  1. organise a children's welfare (or any other) organisation that opposes the filter to run a bbq to raise money and to help keep crowds around.
  2. if doing the aforementioned, make food free to under 10's to attract families
  3. stickers, posters, flyers, flags.
  4. make video showing how to bypass filter easy enough for granny to understand
    • I created a topic about this on the forum SpankyDouche
  5. show said video / another on the day via projector.
  6. money should be going to education/prevention in other means.
  7. people going to make a fortune in the illicit VPN industry
  8. get a celebrity involved.
  9. print out letters to conroy as written on nocleanfeed's website, for protestors to sign their own and then send them individually. Conroy will then receive a mass of letters the next working day, all signed by individual protestors nation wide.
  10. Have ONE national campaign group. If there is going to be a whole range of twitter tags, facebook groups, parody sites, slogans, wikis e.t.c.. Make sure that they all point to the ONE National Campaign HQ.
  11. Make ALL campaign groups consistent and get a celebrity involved.
  12. Agree on a final Slogan.
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