Media and Political Groups

This is a list of websites, members of the media, people with some degree of fame, and/or political groups that we intend to contact to
a. have involved speaking / working at the protests
b. request advertising their approval of our cause / linking us on their website

To reserve making contact with a particular group, please write your name beside them in italics
Do not hesitate to contact relevant forums as individuals.

Greens Political Party - Tes
. Greens W.A, A.C.T and S.A have expressed direct interest.
. This includes possible speakers.
Yahtzee / The Escapist
DLC - Tes
Socialist Alternative - Jelyow; I have phone contacts for WA
Socialist Alliance - Jelyow
The Historian, - Jelyow
EFA & - Tes, though I will need help with this one
. EFA has expressed direct interest assuming we take care of arrangements.
stopinternetcensorship bush
getup bush
Machinima - Tes
Somebody Think Of The Children - Tes
. Has featured a small piece including a link to our facebook page, view here
Channel 10
. 7pm Project - Tes
Channel 9
Channel 7
Socialist Party Australia - Tes
. Triple J - Tes
. iiNet
. Internode
. Exetel
. Netspace
Youtube Stars
. sxephil - Tes
. community channel - Tes
. vlogbrothers - Tes
. inside gaming - Tes

Here are some basic statements that you can copy and paste as you see fit.

Basic Statement One, best for a likeminded website/facebook group/etc
. "Hi, my name is (NAME), a representative of BlockTheFilter's (STATE) division.
. Due to the similar nature of our events/groups, BlockTheFilter would appreciate it very much if your representatives would make contact.
. In order for there to be national coherency, we're establishing contact people and lists of active volunteers for protests on the 30th.
. If this is you, or you'd like to help, please email:
. moc.liamg|htimslelorp#moc.liamg|htimslelorp (OR YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS)
. Thank you very much for your time and effort."

Basic Statement Two, best for a likeminded professional organisation/political group
. Thought I'd pass along some information.
. On the 30th of January 2010, masses will be peacefully protesting the new National Internet Filter outside government buildings, in each major city across Australia.
. We all truly are against the filter, and therefore having everyone and anyone there who feels the same would be fantastic.
. Of course, (ORGANISATION NAME) supporters, staff and members are more than welcome to attend, and will be forwarded any additional details upon request.
. Donations of time, experience and advertisement are priceless.
. Our event on facebook ,
. Our website

. Though I'm sure you're thoroughly versed in the pros and cons of the filter, further details can be found at
. If you'd be interested in learning more about this, and possibly assisting by any means, we'd be thoroughly greatful.

. Please contact us at (YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS).
. My thanks,

All speakers should follow the simple rule that the event is designed to tackle the issue of internet censorship, so speeches must be kept to the point and on topic.
It should be made clear that the protest is not just a platform to further any political careers, nor to impose any personal ideals or values upon others.

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