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  1. Slogan: What costs $43m and doesn't do a damn thing?
  2. Slogan: So high you can't get over it… though your child probably can
  3. Picture: Window that says "do not break" with a censored internet site behind it. Slogan: Demonstrating the brand new, highly secure internet filtration system. Brought to you by your federal government
  4. Slogan: If a tree falls in a forest… and the Government doesn't allow you to see it… does the tree still suffer? Filtering reality never changed it before, and it certainly won't now
  5. Slogan: Keep it real. Because there is no substitute for reality

Freedom of speech

  1. online poker with cards censored out.
  2. "We want the right to freely discuss euthanasia. We want our right of free speech. We want our right to gamble online, with our own wages. We want the right to make an informed decision about abortions. We want our right to view WikiLeaks. And we want our right to view adult content."
  3. Slogan: No Government Firewall
  4. See no Evil? Evil still happens whether you can see it or not
  5. Picture: Person on a dog-leash. Slogan: Please keep mind on a leash at all times… and if you won't, the Government will
  6. Picture: Frog crawling out of a blender or hot water pot. Slogan: Step 5: Hide the truth when it no longer fits your society
  7. Picture: Politician making a speech. Slogan: Trust us, we know what's best for you.

Replacement for parents

  1. Think of your children. Their education will be out of your hands. Their future will be out of theirs.
  2. New: The Australian Government NetNanny: Governing your children, and governing you… because we don't trust you to do it yourself
  3. "we are parenting for you". at the end of the day, the best filter is parent supervision. or good parenting. something like that.
  4. Picture: kid surfing the internet with a robot behind, hand on the kid's shoulder (guardian-like). Slogan: Would you trust your kids future to them?

Points of Discussion

  • Already slow progression over time to get to this point:
  • How much will implementation cost? Graphical comparison showing price related to other plans?
  • Which other countries have censorship regimes. Perhaps show unfavourable comparisons with these "fascist" leaders?

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