To Be Done

This list is to help keep track of what is due to be done.
DON'T go about doing any of these on your own, rather request to be the one to do it,
and have your name put next to it, so nothing is re-done.

For all of us to do together:
- Confirm event locations before Christmas
. VIC: Fed Square?
. QLD: King George Square?
- Have representatives for each state before Christmas
- Confirm permits before New Years
- Contact the police and give them details info about how to notify police
- Contact media / political groups (repeat, DO NOT do this on your own)

What can you do on your own?
- Find local bands interested in playing
- Come up with ideas of things to do on the day
- Invite all of your friends and family to the event
- Design flyers / pamphlets / advertisement material
- Come up with ideas for advertising / raising awareness
- Learn your stuff

Forward any ideas / information you come up with to your state's representative (see Contacts), aswell as discussing it on IRC or the planning forum

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